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I am a human rights lawyer and media commentator. Qualified as a barrister and a solicitor-advocate, I currently practise as a solicitor specialising in public law, immigration and human rights.

I am particularly interested in the standards of human rights-related coverage in UK media. This includes not only writing for the media and commenting on legal developments, but also attempting to ensure accuracy in the media generally. I often engage with the media directly, in order to ensure fair coverage of human rights and the legal system.

My complaints have resulted in numerous media corrections about the law and human rights, and this led to one tabloid accusing me of having “appointed [my]self as some sort of watchdog” on such issues. Newspapers have provided staff with training and guidance as a direct result of my complaints, and promised to do more to ensure accuracy. I have also been invited to meet with newspapers’ senior management to discuss how coverage of legal issues can be improved and made fairer.

I can be contacted via this website or on Twitter at @Shoaib M Khan